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A Visual Studio Add-in for C# Code Formatting - Visual Studio 2008 & 2010

How to use:
  1. Close all instances of Visual Studio
  2. Install the latest release.
  3. Start Visual Studio
Sweeper functionality will now be available in the 'Tools' Menu, or by right clicking within the code window.

How to Build:
  1. Clone the latest source from here on CodePlex
  2. Copy the "Sweeper - For Testing.AddIn" file from trunk into your "Visual Studio 2008/Addins" folder
  3. Edit the new "Sweeper - For Testing.AddIn" you just added to your Addins folder to reflect the path to your clone's debug/bin directory.
  4. Open the "Sweeper.sln" solution file.
Starting the addin via debug should now load from your Testing .Addin file

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